Free-For-All In Helium Market Could Send Prices Sky-High 

Free-For-All In Helium Market Could Send Prices Sky-High 

The gas is helium.

The gas that is critical for everything from supercomputing and space travel to MRIs and medical and scientific research was facing a supply shortage even before Russia launched a war on Ukraine. Now, the supply squeeze is on war-footing, and some investors are on the lookout for a North American supplier that can get this gas to the market–fast.

The backbone of much of our existing technology …

And the beating heart of our future technology.

While a helium land rush was already at full throttle after the Federal government shut down its helium reserve in the third quarter of last year, the supply of this gas is facing another big hit with Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Algeria–a key supplier–was forced to shut down its helium operations because of soaring natural gas demand in Europe.

Algeria extracts helium from natural gas while it is compressing that natural gas into a liquid form for transportation. Because of Russia’s war on Ukraine, which has led to a natural gas crisis in Europe, Algeria is now being forced to send natural gas to Spain via pipeline. That means no helium extraction.

Helium prices, which are already 100x those of natural gas, are now soaring even further.

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